Private Owners Sign up form

Private Owners Sign up form

by Rotary Club of Nelson

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  • Online payments made to Rotary Nelson bank Account 06 0705 0416882-01.
    $80 per vehicle.

    On receipt of your payment you will be allocated a site and this and other
    information will be sent to you with a receipt.

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1. A non- refundable payment accompanies all bookings.

2. All participants carry their own insurance, the organisers will not be liable for any fire damage, accidents or loss or property.

3. Overnight security is the owners responsibility. We would prefer owners stay on site overnight.

4. Gates will open on Saturday at 8.00.The show will be open to members of the public at 10.00am and close at 4pm, on both Saturday and Sunday. If leaving on Saturday please don’t leave until after 4.30pm. Gates will close at 6.00pm on Saturday. We ask that sites be clear by 6pm on Sunday 17th. Vehicle access is prohibited throughout the show during the public access.


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